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  • R. Casto

Alabama Gas Company

Alabama Gas Co., a major utility providing gas service to the city of Birmingham AL, has approximately 500,000 gas customers. Until last year the service record department was a manual paper-based system. All of the service records were stored on paper in a large file system. Personnel were required to pull specific customer information daily and return it to the proper files after service was performed. This process was very labor-intensive and often resulted in lost and misfiled paperwork.

CIMSgts designed a solution by integrating a Document Management system that would meet the requirements of  the Alabama Gas Company and work within their present organization without having to change any of their business processes. The system provided a high volume image scanning front end system that was integrated with a document management database application.

With the new imaging and document management system that CIMSgtsimplemented, all information is now stored on hard drives and can be accessed from any authorized network user.  This has made all of the customer information files instantly available for the service reps and virtually eliminated the possibility of having lost or misplaced files.

CIMSgts provided the total system integration of the solution; handled the backfile conversion of all existing files; and did training for this customer to ensure that the system would be up and running as quickly as possible.

High-end scanners, Intertech's DocuPACT Document Management application  and the Ascent Capture scanning S/W from Kofax were used to create the completely integrated system that gives the Alabama Gas Company users access to all of their customer file information.


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