Find documents based on what they are and not where they are.

In the past, Document Management systems were primarily concerned with controlling document access and making documents easier to find. Today’s systems offer capabilities far beyond library services with features such as collaboration, electronic publishing, and EDMS services including imaging and workflow. This evolution—fueled by trends such as knowledge management and e-commerce—has positioned DM as a strategic technology instead of just a tactical solution for isolated uses.

In a survey of 990 end-users conducted by the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM), executives reported that the top business processes they wished to automate through deployment of document technologies include records and archival management, accounts payable and receivable, customer care, personnel, litigation support, claims and insurance administration, ERP and computerized medical records management. The same survey also uncovered widespread interest in extranet deployments. Over 50% of companies surveyed said they needed the ability to electronically exchange documents with trading partners, customers, and suppliers.

Much of this interest in electronic document management is being fueled by the fact that in spite of the millions of dollars companies have invested to upgrade their software tools, their personnel continues to spend precious time searching for information. Heard throughout these organizations are comments like, “I have the correspondence online somewhere, but I can’t remember what I named it or what application I used to create it,” or “I hope I am using the most current version of this customer communication document”? Comments like these are typical of organizations lacking any automated document and image management.

CIMS can help you organize your business processes.

  • Documents are never lost

  • Can retrieve immediately

  • Labor costs are reduced

  • Security can be controlled

  • Web-enabled technology

The primary benefits of a Document Management System:

  • Documents are never lost because each document is indexed with multiple properties when it is entered into the system.

  • Documents can be retrieved in a matter of seconds, from anywhere on your network, using custom searches you create.

  • Labor costs associated with filing, storing, and retrieving paper documents are reduced.

  • Notes and annotation marks can be added to documents in an overlaying layer that preserves document integrity.

  • Document security can be controlled. You can even control access to specific parts of a page.

  • Document images can be transmitted over networks or other communications systems to those who need them.

  • Our systems come standard with Web-enabling technology so that anyone with a web browser can search, retrieve, and view documents.

Our document management systems can meet your imaging needs, and an investment in a system will contribute significantly to increased efficiency and performance of your organization.

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