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Casto Information Management Systems, a Global Technology Solutions Company was founded in 1996 and is owned and operated by founders, Ron and Connie Casto.

For more than two decades, CIMS has been a leading full-service document management solutions provider delivering document management, business process workflow, paper and e-document capture, forms processing using OCR, ICR, and Mark Sense recognition, Accounts Payable automation, case management (DCM), robotic process automation (RPA), and ISO 9000 solutions. CIMS uses tested,  proven, and scalable software tools to leverage technology that delivers complete turnkey solutions, that improve productivity, enhance collaboration, and reduces manual labor. 

Professional Experience Staff

CIMS Global Technology Solutions staff has extensive experience in multi-vendor systems integration, networking, programming, and database development that allows us to deliver complete turnkey hardware and software solutions.

CIMS customers include government agencies, municipalities, major utility providers, universities, and large retail businesses. Our in-house professionals tailor a specific solution to each customer based on their individual needs, yielding the optimum comprehensive system for each unique knowledge management situation.


Our Goal: Provide Total Access to Your Information

CIMS works closely with each customer to provide complete access to virtually every piece of information that their business generates. A business with complete access to its information is able to reduce its overhead and make more efficient use of current resources. CIMS helps its customers achieve maximum efficiency in three ways:

  1. We provide access to the data in the typical relational database models

  2. We provide access to the source data (paper and electronic documents), from which the database information is derived

  3. We then tie the data access and document management to the workflow systems, providing routing and coordination of the information when and where it is needed, along with the ability to view reports on data and workflow systems.


These processes give our customers access to their total data set, tools for getting information into and out of their document management systems, and the management tools for their system. Access to these document management tools, coupled with the ability to save time and money, gives our customers a competitive advantage in today’s highly competitive market.

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CIMS Global Technology Solutions

PO Box 14097
Huntsville, Alabama 35815

(256) 882-3370

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