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Workflow Automation


Automate repetitive tasks and multi-step business rules. Our Workflow Software will help you implement better business processes and improve organization-wide productivity and reduce human errors.​

When is Workflow Beneficial?

Workflow is beneficial whenever successive points of input or action are required in order to complete a task, process, or procedure. From processing applications to approving expense reports, hiring new employees, to managing remittance processing, workflow streamlines collaboration and accelerates the completion of critical business tasks. Additionally, workflow can easily integrate with and provide the backbone to e-commerce solutions as well as be tied to organizations’ core ERP, Accounting, HR, and CRM systems.

How Will Your Organization Benefit?

CIMS Global Technology Solutions can help you rapidly automate and continuously improve your business processes. Our Workflow Management Solutions offer an electronic document routing system that enables users to process work more efficiently, faster, and more accurately than with traditional paper processing. Your organization will benefit with:

  • Rapid return on investment

  • Streamlined collaboration

  • Accelerated completion of business-critical task

  • Manage resolutions across enterprise boundaries

  • Customer satisfaction enhancement

  • Respond quickly to exceptions, breakdowns, and new opportunities


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