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  • R. Casto

Troy, AL City Schools

The student records department at the Troy, AL. Department of Education, was looking for a way to archive their student records, and at the same time make them more easily available to their employees. They had over 50,000 student files, with the average file being 10 to 15 pages. The staff is required to give other institutions continuous access to these student documents for copying and transmitting of student records.

CIMSgts designed a solution that would handle the volume of files to be entered into the system and give them the ability to access all of the information as required. The front end of the system gives the Troy DOE employees the ability to scan in the student records, index them and pass this information into a document management application. CIMSgts customized the document management application to meet the specific needs of the users and provides them with the ability to access and manage all of the student information.

The staff will now be able to retrieve a document, and then send it to the requesting institution by: fax, email, or hardcopy, all without leaving their desk. This changed the dynamics of the business office by having the student records easily available and eliminating the hours of time, that used to be required to find this information.

This custom solution was built using the OnBase Document Management System from Hyland Software and the Kofax Ascent Capture scanning software. CIMSgts provided a complete turnkey system with all software and hardware including servers, scanners and workstations, installation services, and training.


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