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To remain competitive in today’s business environment, it is vital to automate business processes such as records and archival management, accounts payable and receivable, customer care, personnel, litigation support, claims and insurance administration, ERP, and computerized medical records management. There is also widespread interest in extranet deployments, encompassing the ability to electronically exchange documents with trading partners, customers, and suppliers.

CIMS will help you mold a technology solution that’s right for your business. We take the time to listen to you so that we can understand your specific needs and goals, resulting in the most cost-effective data management tool tailored to your business. By understanding your goals and environment, we’ll help you make the important decisions that will shape your corporate image. Together, we’ll develop a technology plan that targets your goals, extends your capabilities, provides for future growth, and stays within your financial budget.

Collecting, validating, and storing information for your organization can be a monumental task.  CIMS has the tools and the expertise to help you gather, verify, and process information from both paper and digital sources. Once your new system is in place, your staff is free from the tedious task of manual data entry and time-consuming searches through files for a piece of information.
Much more than just a library repository filing service, today’s document management systems offer capabilities such as collaboration, electronic publishing, and EDMS services including imaging and workflow. With the right knowledge management system in place, your organization will experience improved productivity, lower costs, and nearly 100% accuracy.

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CIMSgts provides the consulting services to:

  1. Analyze your business environment​

  2. Select the right set of products for your project,

  3. Provide the implementation services for your project.

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Most IT staffs today do not have the resources to commit to new projects. Implementing Information Access projects requires knowledgeable personnel, experts that can provide the detailed design, a comprehensive integration plan, and efficient execution of the installation and testing process.

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Full and appropriate training is often the key to realizing maximum benefit from your software investment. Whether you need training for one department or throughout your organization, administration or end-users, CIMSgts trainers will guide your staff through every nuance of the system.

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Backfile Conversion

People are more productive when the documents they need are easy to find and easy to share. CIMS has an experienced and dedicated staff ready to address your high-volume document scanning and day-forward scanning needs.

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