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The Business Case for Enterprise Content Management

A Collection of Information Management and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Research Data

The Information Management or Enterprise Content Management (ECM) market is experiencing rapid growth due to a “perfect storm” of events and technologies that make ECM invaluable. The influx of highly diverse content from a variety of systems and repositories points to the urgent need for companies to invest in content management in order to take control of all types and sources of content.

Companies are looking to Information Management, or ECM, systems to create order where there is chaos, and given the vast amount of data and content they seek to analyze, maintain and store on a daily basis, content management is providing organizations with the means for them to take control, creating workflows that allow their employees to be more effective and efficient while complying with regulatory rules and regulations.

This white paper cites analyst research groups, industry organizations and trusted media sources that address information management challenges such as big data, mobility and the cloud in order to provide insight on how organizations can leverage ECM for positive outcomes. Overall, Information Management allows organizations to use new and existing sources of content to drive higher levels of efficiency and improve productivity. In addition, it secures organizations from potentially devastating data breaches and data losses and controls access to confidential information.

Casto Information Management Systems, a Global Technology Solutions Company was founded in 1996 and is owned and operated by founders, Ron and Connie Casto. For more than two decades, CIMS has been a leading full-service document management solutions provider delivering document management, business process workflow, paper and e-document capture, forms processing using OCR, ICR, and Mark Sense recognition, Accounts Payable automation, case management (DCM), robotic process automation (RPA), and ISO 9000 solutions. Contact us today or call directly (256) 882-3370.


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