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Remote Working Document Management Benchmark Report

Document Management for an Increasingly Remote Workforce

While intelligent information management (IIM) encompasses so much more than the catch-all term of ‘document management’, core functionality of any IIM platform is the ability to store, manage, and track documents.

Furthermore, any IIM platform should provide for the ability to manage company information offsite the same way workers would while at the office.

When evaluating remote capabilities of a document management system, there are several features to look for. The most prevalent is access to your data anytime and from anywhere. As people are working remote with increasing frequency, workers demand instant answers while on the move — things like client details or notes, A/R Balances, invoices, HR paperwork and everything in between.

Ensuring that a document management platform’s remote working enablement supports workflows is also important, making it easy to review and approve documents and complete assigned tasks.

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