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  • R. Casto

Shelby County Commission Workflow

The Shelby County Commission wanted to speed up and better manage their increasing work load. The Commission needed a process to track, control and manage Agenda Items--such as Zoning Cases, Contracts, Resolutions, and Ordinances.

In addition, they wanted to automatically record the minutes from the commission meeting and generate the agenda for the next meeting. They then needed to make this information available to the people doing business with the County Commission. They believed a system with these capabilities, would streamline the processing of items through the system and help shorten the time it takes to address an Agenda Item.

CIMSgts provided a solution using a customized Workflow application that was integrated with a Document Management System to deliver the full functionality required. This custom solution streamlines and automates the process of handling the commission’s Agenda Items. The Workflow product keeps track of all items in process and the related documents are made available by the Document Management System. This enables the Commission to make faster and better informed decisions before passing the Resolutions or Ordinances to the Mayor for signature or veto. Additionally, the tracking and control capabilities of the system have helped introduce accountability into the process.

CIMSgts also developed a custom module that will generate the agenda document for a Committee and or Commission meeting and makes that available to the commissioners via the Internet. In addition, this system provides a link from the agenda item, to the actual resolution or ordinance documents. This eliminated the time it would have taken waiting for the documents to be generated and delivered to them in paper format. In the near future, CIMSgts will enhance this solution by implementing the ability to generate the Minutes Template Document and develop a Voting Management Module for the County Commission.

CIMSgts used the METRO product from Action Technologies as the basis for the workflow solution. The OnBase system from Hyland Software was used as the basis for the Document Management System. Then CIMSgts used custom ASP.NET programming for the integration and to add additional capabilities to meet the Commission’s requirements.


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