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How M-Files Enables Efficient and Safe Work from Anywhere

Having the flexibility to work remotely is the new normal — at least that’s what the experts say. Whether or not it is, there is no doubt that remote work has increased, and that increase is probably — at

least partly — going to be permanent.

With this new normal, there is also an increased need for efficiency and productivity for the remote workforce. It is not enough to have meetings in Teams, or share documents in Outlook — or Gmail for that matter. No, there is a definite need for tools that will drive efficiency, while also further supporting security and compliance.


The reality of work has changed. Therefore, businesses need new ways and tools to ensure the

productivity of their knowledge workforce. Efficiency is especially important when businesses are challenged by a very demanding business

environment. Yet, that efficiency is hard to realize if employees struggle to find all relevant data and documents while they work outside the office. There are three fundamental questions your business needs to answer to get hold of the challenges created by working from anywhere.

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