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  • R. Casto

Alabama Department of Public Health- Tuberculosis Division  

The Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH), Division of TB Control, was looking for a total case management system for all of their patient information. ADPH searched for almost three years to find the best solution to eliminate bottlenecks of paperwork and data entry. In November of 2001 CIMSgts promised a solution that could solve their current problems and offer APDH much more.

CIMSgtsproposed a system that would give ADPH one web-based repository for all of Alabama’s TB Patients. This central repository would combine eleven separate database systems into one database accessible by staff across the state. The new TB System would be cross functional which would allow ADPH to use it for: case management, contact investigation, medication dispensing and tracking, auto RVCT export to TIMS (Government Mandated Data Repository), aggregate reporting to Centers for Disease Control, and State Wide Tracking System. The database would also be designed to work in tandem with other future modules that would be created by CIMSgts such as HIV/AIDS and STD.

Today APDH has a secure web-based system, which has been named the Communicable Disease Case Information System (CDCIS). CDCIS manages every aspect of Alabama’s Case Management Process. It provides immediate feedback to managers and staff for program performance indicators, and strengthens systems for referral to appropriate prevention and treatment services. CDCIS is also able to dynamically expand into all health data and tracking systems to automatically provide patient cross matching. The Director of Alabama’s Division of TB Control, Nancy B. Keenon; is pleased to say that “The system has tremendously increased our ability to effectively monitor TB trends and potential outbreaks. It has taken great effort and commitment from the staff of TB Control and CIMSgts but some wishes do come true!”

The future of CDCIS is an exciting one for both CIMSgts and ADPH. CIMSgts continues to work with Alabama to enhance their current system, while marketing this innovative new system to Health Departments Worldwide. The next enhancements for the Alabama CDCIS TB Module will include: tracking of latent TB infection (LTBI), integration with handheld devices, Medicaid billing information, and enhanced contact investigation. ADPH is also working with CIMSgts to complete an HIV/AIDS and a STD Module that will be used concurrently with the CDCIS TB Module.


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