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  • R. Casto

Alabama Department of Public Health- HIV/AIDS Division

Jane Cheeks, the Director for the HIV/AIDS Division, was responsible for choosing a viable system to manage the growing caseload of AIDS patients in Alabama. After searching three years to find a way to eliminate their growing amount of paperwork and data entry, CIMSgts introduced a system that electronically captures and combines data to provide more valuable information for understanding and managing the HIV/AIDS crisis. CIMSgts provided an “off the shelf” Web-Enabled Case Management System that includes Automated Forms Processing. The system, known as Communicable Disease Case Information System ( CDCIS), interfaces to a custom data base application to manage the HIV/AIDS data requirements for the State of Alabama. The HIV/AIDS Module provides Alabama with a combined database for: Case Management, Contact investigation, Medication dispensing and tracking, Procedures scheduling and Reporting, Auto RVCT Export to TIMS (Government Mandated Data Collection), Aggregate Reporting to the Centers for Disease Control, and State Wide Tracking System.

Today ADPH employees use one database with secure, web-based data entry and management for use inside or outside of the Health Department. There is no longer a need to share multiple copies of their database through daily disk transfers from desktop to desktop. Information entered by one person is available to all authorized users in real-time.

The CDCIS System can also expand into all other health tracking systems to automatically provide patient cross matching. (either talk about the HIV and TB Systems being used together and/or AL’s ability to have access to the very latest stats on the community at large etc.)

CIMSgts continues to work with ADPH to modify the CDCIS HIV/AIDS Module. CIMSgts is currently working to add: Auto exporting to NEDS, additional queries and reports, Community Agency Interface, State Lab Interface, Additional patient management and daily tracking reports, and the ability to integrate hand held devices into the current module. CIMSgts is also working to form a Consortia of States that will work to continuously improve the CDCIS Software. The CDCIS software is being marketed to State Health Departments Nationwide.


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