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5 Ways HR Can Ditch the Paper & Manage Information Better

1. Manage all information electronically

An EIM system removes the need for paper altogether. Documents and records can be stored, shared and disposed of electronically throughout each stage of their lifecycle. With an EIM system, there is no longer any need to print or scan documents, as documents requiring approval can be reviewed and signed digitally.

2. Safeguard information

Dealing with large quantities of paper documents and records mean valuable storage space in the office is wasted. What’s more, critical information is vulnerable to fire, flooding or tampering. Will your current paper-led methods of document management meet your auditor’s requirements or ensure you meet the necessary data protection standards?

3. Find and update employee records instantly

How long does it take you to find what you need in a filing cabinet? Manually searching through even the most organized of filing cabinets is a hugely time consuming task - as is finding that spot to return the document to when changes have been made.

4. Automate manual processes

The HR department deals with a number of processes which need to be stringently followed, but can be extremely manual and cumbersome. An example of such a process is hiring a new employee. Advertising a vacancy, managing applications, arranging interviews, dealing with offer letters, signing contracts, and notifying managers of new starters, can all be automated and entirely digitised by leveraging EIM, through the power of metadata.

5. Access everything from one single place

As an HR department, it’s likely you are using one or more specialist HR systems alongside network drives, and paper in filing cabinets. But do all of these information repositories communicate with each other, or are silos of (often duplicate) information formed?

Casto Information Management Systems, a Global Technology Solutions Company was founded in 1996 and is owned and operated by founders, Ron and Connie Casto.

For more than two decades, CIMS has been a leading full-service document management solutions provider delivering document management, business process workflow, paper and e-document capture, forms processing using OCR, ICR, and Mark Sense recognition, Accounts Payable automation, case management (DCM), robotic process automation (RPA), and ISO 9000 solutions. Contact us today or call directly (256) 882-3370.


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