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CIMS specializes in the design and creation of database-driven websites. Key features include distributed management via the Internet, real-time automated updates of site content, template-based editing of information, personalized pages, dynamic generation of text and graphic content, and scalability.

The advantages of a dynamic, database-driven Web site over static, hard-coded HTML files are obvious: a richer, more personalized experience for the end-user; the ability for the site to be maintained by its owners; and the ability to gather information from the end-user.

E-Commerce Systems

E-commerce has become a legitimate and cost-effective way to expand your business and improve your company’s income. Imagine a storefront open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, able to respond to your customers instantaneously with dynamic, up-to date content and fully secure transactions.

Your Web site can sell products on the internet, but can also allow customers to make appointments, place orders, request information or sign up for services. The possibilities are endless.

Our staff will help you mold a technology solution that's right for your business. By understanding your goals and environment, we'll help you make the important decisions that will shape your corporate image on the Internet. Together, we'll develop a technology plan that targets your goals, extends your capabilities, provides for future growth, and stays within your financial budget.

A commerce-enabled Web site can take many forms and provide a number of different functions. Including, but not limited to:

  • Online catalog

  • Online order fulfillment

  • Online order placement

  • Transaction processing

Dynamic Data Defined
Dynamic data generates personalized web pages on the fly. It works by plugging in customized data, data that pertains only to the person or customer viewing the page. How does this work? The answer is an interactive database that dynamic data. When a company updates the database with current information, this data is instantaneously available to be displayed. Dynamic data can also be set up to change periodically without manual intervention using automated timetables.


Using Dynamic Data
Unlimited uses for this functionality include products and services entered in a database, membership programs, press releases, and links to those documents, auto-requesters, search functions, and job listings. Even simple textual pages can be housed in databases to automatically display the most current information to the user requesting a particular page.

Integration with Document Management Systems or your other Data Systems

CIMS provides full integration with our document management solutions so the user can not only see the data but also the source documents or associated documents the user may be interested in.  This could be specifications for a product being bought or a medical test that was performed.  CIMS also has a philosophy that if other applications already contain the data needed why repeat it.  We work to provide interfaces to existing data repositories to enable this.

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