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  • R. Casto

Boeing Aerospace

Boeing knew that there was a better way to capture all of the information required for the management of the Missile program in the Duluth, Ga. facility. They wanted to try to control and get better access to the thousands of documents that were generated for the program each week. In addition to that they wanted to be able to access the information in a way that made sense and gave them the ability to access all related documents, so that they could eliminate the nightmare of searching though file cabinets to find the correct paper trail of information. The goal of this project was to be able to respond quicker to request for information on the the status of the program and get better control of the massive amount of paperwork that was inherent with the program.

CIMSgts provided Boeing with an enterprise wide Integrated Document Management solution, and two years of consulting services for the program. This Boeing site was a missile manufacturing facility and the Integrated Document Management system kept track of all documents related to the program. These included many different formats of information from scanned paperwork to official correspondence, contracts, email, faxes, etc that go into and out of the facility. All of the documents were cross referenced so that they could be related back to the Contract Line Item or Work Order. This developed a built in paper trail and added accountability into the system.

The Integrated Document Management system also provided a very high level of document security, which was important for the program. In addition Boeing required extensive integration with the Microsoft Office environment to make it easier for the users to capture all related correspondence. Then the system was expanded into the Accounts Payable, Payroll, Travel, Contracts and Human Resources departments, and all of that information is now captured into the system.

The solution was developed using an Integrated Document Management system, Capture Software and Fax Server Software. CIMSgts provided the custom programming and integration services to tailor the solution to the requirements of Boeing’s environment.


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