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CIMS has the experience you need.

For 24 years we have been focused on delivering innovative solutions to ‘Information Access” requirements. This experience, along with our long-standing partnerships with industry leading software companies, places CIMS Global Technology Solutions at the forefront of providing Database, Document Management and Content Management solutions.

Your success is our success and at CIMS we understand that your most important asset is information. Helping you get to that information is our mission.

Full Service Implementation and Integration

This service from CIMS includes a comprehensive offering that covers project planning, detailed S/W integration design, complete h/w design, code development, installation, and testing.

Project planning defines the scope and organization of the project, a resource plan, communications definition, success and completion criteria, risks and dependencies. It also defines the project team and management approval process. This step begins with a statement of work and detailed project plan containing milestones and task definitions, responsibilities, timelines completion criteria, deliverables, and the change control process.

The S/W integration and H/W design phase defines how the solution will be used, who will use it, and what technology will be needed to support the users. In short, this step lays out the COTS S/W to be used and defines all of the configuration that will need to be done to meet the defined requirements. From this we define the H/W architecture; which may include requirements for the servers, storage, workstations and networking. It may also address the design philosophy, systems management, security, high availability and recovery considerations. This all will result in a comprehensive solution integration document.

If integration with other applications is desired, the Code Development stage will cover writing any of the new code or customizing the COTS S/W packages to meet the requirements defined in the S/W integration phase. Installation includes bringing all of the components together, both H/W and S/W, and making sure that all of the pieces integrate with no problems, on the defined architecture. Testing will be done in coordination with the customers, staff, and users to ensure that all of the functionality is available, that was laid out in the design documents.

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