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Only by listening to you can we understand your specific needs and goals, resulting in a more cost-effective data management tool. By combining our programming experience with your industry knowledge, we can avoid hidden costs and structural shortcomings that many developers may not foresee.

Just as a building needs a building plan before construction can begin, a database application needs a schematic before programming can begin. Our schematic includes the following:

  • Strong relational design – a solid foundation to create full functionality today and support desired additions in the future

  • Intuitive user interface – ease of use to reduce training time and decrease entry errors.

  • Automation – computer manipulation of data to increase productivity and eliminate human errors

  • Validations – warnings to ensure data integrity and eliminate the entry of duplicate records.

A well-documented Database Architecture will allow all parties to have a congruent understanding of the project plan and avoid ballooning development costs.

Our highly skilled team of programmers offers faster timelines, broader experience, and more diverse skills than individual developers. In conjunction with timely progress reports, we make sure that the final database is exactly what the customer wants.

Call CIMS today for your free consultation (256) 882-3370.

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