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Proven Track Record

Many companies consider a Database, Content Management or Document Management system to meet the challenges of making their business-critical information available to the right users at the right time. These products can help but the question is how do you choose the best mix of Data Capture, Data Management and Data Access tools to match your business objectives? How do you ensure that the combination of tools will deliver on your objectives today and in the future?

Let Us Help

CIMS consultants can analyze your business and information access drivers, examine your existing infrastructure resources and requirements. From this base,  our consultants can recommend solutions, and help develop the justification for the new initiative. When supplying the end-to-end solution, we can also procure the solution components, plan and streamline the implementation, train your staff and develop the best practices for the ongoing operation and management.

CIMS is a 24-year-old systems integration company that specializes in providing customers with ways to gain access to their data. Over this time we have delivered solutions as varied as custom Databases, Integrated Document Management Solutions, creative ways to capture and manage the input of data and complete Workflow systems. You can be confident that you are partnering with a company that can help you effectively plan and implement an Information Access project!

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