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Backfile Conversion: Project

The Backfile Conversion Dilemma

Implementing a new system of data and image capture is exciting and is usually focused on the here and now. New systems want to acquire information going forward as they integrate into daily operations. The difficulty is that you have filing cabinets crammed full of information that needs to be a part of your business intelligence. How can you get that information into the new system of doing things?

The CIMS Solution

Our Conversion Services are a great means of overcoming these challenges. Our state-of-the-art systems and highly trained personnel convert your paper documents into formatted and indexed image files that can be seamlessly uploaded into your image retention and workflow systems. For clients without in-house retrieval systems, CIMS can include database and retrieval software as part of our Conversion Services.

Your Place or Mine?

Each conversion has its own unique specifications and parameters. We customize the conversion process to meet your specific requirements, even performing conversions at your facility if required.

Call CIMS today for your free consultation (256) 882-3370.

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