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Streamline Your Data Collection Operations

Collecting, validating, and storing information for your organization is a monumental task if you don’t have the proper tools you need to succeed. Automated forms processing takes the costly, time-consuming and error-prone process of capturing information from forms, documents and other sources off your hands. Whether your capturing a few hundred items a day or a million we have the solution for your organization. We will customize a solution based on your business needs and allow your organization to gather, verify, and process virtually every piece of information you generate.

The result? 

  • Rapid return on investment - Eliminate waste associated with manual processes, printing and storing. 

  • Increase employee productivity - Utilizing standard Web browsers, users access dynamic HTML or PDF forms with intelligent features including database auto-fill profile fields, automatic routing and back-office connectivity. 

  • Reduce operational costs - Add automated business rules to corporate forms, eliminate redundant administrative tasks, and eliminate mailing and copying cost.

  • Eliminate data errors - Incorporates database validations, calculations and other intelligent eForm features. 

  • Save time – Automatically route digital documents between offices and processing queues at the speed of the Internet.

  • No more lost documents – End mishandled deliveries with secure, online transfer of documents and connectivity to leading Content and Document Management systems.


Call CIMS today for your free consultation (256) 882-3370.

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